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Who’s Ready for Summer!?

Jourdan Taylor Thrive Detroit

Have you ever wondered what would be the ultimate summer vacation or what would be a daring fun adventure? Well, it’s that time of year again, where school is coming to an end, the sun is out, and summer is almost here! Around this time many people try to figure out what they want to do or where they want to go for a vacation. For this article, I will share various events and activities around the city of Detroit that are fun, affordable, and family friendly!

In June, River Days is a fun festival event held at the Detroit Riverwalk. This family event has tons of activities, food, and games for children and adults. As you walk on the Riverwalk, you can also experience a view of Canada (where there is also a water festival going on during this time) and the Detroit River. It’s a 3-day festival you can’t miss!

Next up is the “Ec3 Lab: For Young Creatives” workshop in the Detroit Main Library’s Hype Center. This weekly workshop begins in June and ends in July. In this workshop, teens aged 13-18 will be given information on how to apply for different scholarships, how to start a business, and many more creative ideas and activities!

Imagine the smell of roasted almonds and peanuts, vendors calling out “Get your hot dogs!”, soda, and cool souvenirs to buy. Of course there’s no place like Comerica Park, home of the Detroit Tigers, during the summer. Even if you’re not a baseball fan, it’s ok! Visiting the ballpark is just another way to get out in the open and support Detroit’s home team!

Campus Martius Park is another exciting spot in downtown Detroit where you can relax and take in the scenery. The park has sand, beach balls, a beautiful water fountain, a basketball court, and food vendors where you can stop and get a treat! There are live concerts and movies and it’s all free! So grab a blanket, a chair, and your family and head to Campus Martius Park! You won’t be disappointed.

Belle Isle is another great spot to visit. The island has everything you could want for a day of picnics and amazing fun! In May they have the Grand Prix, and the boat races. There’s the Dossin Great Lakes Museum, a really cool boat museum that shows the history of sailors and activity on the river. They also have a conservatory with so many astonishing plants. Don’t forget about the nature zoo and aquarium—so many animals to see. There’s also a giant waterslide and a beach. Belle Isle is an island full of entertainment and good times.

Last, be sure to look for the 1000-foot water slide by coming to downtown Detroit. It’s going to be longer than 3 football fields and plenty of fun! This will be a great way to cool off so keep an eye out for the dates.

I hope that I helped in adding some fun to your summer! Stay tuned for the next article!

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