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Was It My Fault?


y: Kenedi Dubose, Student

Have you ever felt guilty about something in your life? Chrissy Becker has. Chrissy is 16 years old. She loves being around people, texting, shopping, and working. She is just an average teen. But two years ago, one thing separated her from other teens: guilt was eating her alive.

 When Chrissy was 14, she was riding in a car with her father. She saw a rabbit crossing the street and screamed for her dad to stop the car. Her father, Blake, stomped on the brakes and start swerving. Their car flipped over about three times before it stopped. Chrissy quickly climbed out of the car to help her father, but he was dead. Chrissy started screaming for help and scrambling for her phone and called 911. From that moment, Chrissy’s life changed completely.

Two months later, Chrissy was living with her grandmother, still  overwhelmed by her father’s death. She stoped eating and rarely came out of her room. She expressed to her grandmother that she felt at fault for her father’s death and undeserving of life. Every night she cried herself to sleep with a picture of her father in her arms. She asked herself, “Is it my fault? Do I deserve to live? Should I just kill myself?” Chrissy was falling into a pit of depression and was unable to climb out. For months, she was in despair, until she decided to turn her hurt into something positive.

She started to think about different ideas like sports or taking up a new hobby. Ultimately Chrissy decided to make an impact in our world. Chrissy now makes bracelets, earrings, and necklaces, sells them, and gives the money to charities that help other children who have lost a parent in an automobile accident. She has raised over twenty thousand dollars and  turned her hurt into a positive impact.  

Chrissy’s story was an inspiration to me, encouraging me to turn any hurt into something positive.  What will you turn your hurt into?

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