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Trusting the Unknown

I’ve had many times in my life when I have been tempted to panic and stress over circumstances that seem to have no near-sighted solutions. Have you?  Maybe there have been times when you’ve wondered where in the heck the path of your life is taking you, then, all of a sudden, things work out! Miraculously, up comes a solution which presents itself as naturally as if it was there all the time, waiting to be let loose. For me, the outcomes are ones that I never thought about.

It’s taken me a while to understand that these mysteries, these dilemmas or problems are a part of the natural cycle of life and that in order to progress and conquer, I should embrace the unknown.  Human intelligence, however, leads us to believe that we must have the immediate solution to the “why”; that we must come up with a “right now” answer, which in most cases is far beyond human reasoning.

Trusting the unknown is factoring into every situation the fact that we don’t know for certain how it will turn out and leaving space for the unknown to work itself out for our good. And, I’ve discovered, it always works out for good.

I believe that behind the scenes, the unknown is connected to an unseen Force greater than we are which we have to trust is working in our behalf.  I believe in Divine Order and Intelligent Design and that everything in life has meaning.  If I am true to the ideal of that Order, It works out the chaos according to the purpose, plan, and course of my life.

The other day I received a phone call from a lady who was very excited about the outcome of a situation which she had been stressing over for weeks. She had sized up “all” the possibilities and probabilities and the “best way” to handle her “problem.”  When it came time to meet with the other parties involved, they resolved the situation in her favor and she didn’t have to say a word! Her lesson learned: trust the unknown.  Trust that there’s always a piece missing, an unknown factor you don’t see.  She, like most of us, had grown accustomed to worrying and stressing and allowing her emotions to distort her trust.

There are signs along the way; if we quiet down and listen, they will present themselves.  If you’re a dreamer, you may have come to realize that dreams are path markers and are given along the way to help us embrace the unknown and its outcome.

But what is the purpose of the unknown? Good question. I believe that while things may seem to us to “just happen,” they are actually part of a greater purpose: to teach us life lessons, bolster our faith in something greater that ourselves, strengthen our ability to trust, and trust more in a world that guards itself against true relationships. And because we’re not on this journey alone, we can help others, and, most importantly, help ourselves to grow up.

So, if you find yourself in a constant battle with life, stop and embrace the unknown, or you will always be fighting the unknown.

The great thing about things ending is that something else always begins! Live life!

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