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Social Justice in a Real World

There is much to be said about the injustices prevalent in the world around us. The list is endless, with racial, economic, religious, and gender being more familiar. The massiveness of the idea of justice versus injustice can be overwhelming or confusing resulting feelings of hopeless that any difference can be made. What does “social justice” mean? Where do I start? What difference can one person make? What can I do? The questions can be as boundless as the issue itself.

The important principles of social justice: truth, equality, dignity, solidarity, and community take us beyond symptoms to root causes. For example; finding truth requires setting aside preconceived notions prevalent for generations. When the truth is revealed what am I personally going to do? Principles are just words unless we put them into action.  When we strategically toss a nugget of justice into the pond of an unjust world it causes ripples that extend beyond the initial impact. But first the pebble of justice must land is in our own personal lives. We must develop a mindset that moves our thoughts into action. Awareness, knowledge, and integration are each pieces of the process that creates social justice.

We can start ripples in our own homes and amongst our own circle of friends by simply sharing in conversation. Perhaps there is one particular social justice issue that touches your heart. Over the next few months join Thrive Detroit as we learn and share more about the many facets of social justice.

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