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My friend Quinn had to move today!

I’m very sad today, because my classmate and friend Quinn told me he was moving. I walked him to his locker and helped him clean it out. We laugh and joked about all the good times we had in class and the teachers we liked and the ones we wish we could do magic and turn into funny things like clowns and animals.

The bell rang for the last time for my friend no more running down the hall to get to class for him. As we left out the door, he took a long glance back at the school. I thought I saw a tear in his eyes when he said goodbye. A couple of weeks had passed by when Quinn’s mom brought him to visit. Something has changed. He doesn’t seem the same.  Quinn and I went outside and sat on the porch. It was a nice day. The sun was shining.

All the kids are playing, riding bikes, jumping rope and shooting hoops—everyone except Quinn.  He told me he has a new place, but it isn’t a house. I asked him was it an apartment? Did he move with somebody?

Quinn put his head down and said we’re homeless and live in a shelter. I waned to do something, but I felt powerless. Why do kids have to suffer because of adult decisions? From that day, I promised to do whatever I could do to make sure that no kid had to feel ashamed of being homeless, because it’s a temporary condition. I remember when my family was homeless (yes me).

It was hard, because I was angry too! My mother was so strong.  I knew she wanted to cry, but she never did I know she did, but not around me. My mother would tell me all the time—“son, through brokenness comes greatness”. Well, that was a year ago. Quinn and I are both live in wonderful homes, go to really nice schools and have a lot of really nice new friends and we’re doing just fine. Although, Quinn and I live in different parts of the city, we’re still the best of friends. People always ask us how did we make it. We both smile and say—“our mother’s prayers”.

Words of wisdom: We may be just kids but our voices roar like thunder.   

About the author: Senator (not his real name) is 10yrs old andhas been writing short stories for 3 yrs.  He  is very involved in community service.  Senator says that when kids volunteer, it completes the circle. His goal is to give a voice to kids who have a lot to say and share!

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