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Making Dreams a Reality

Dreams come true Karen

What is it that makes dreams become a reality? We are in the season of celebrating graduations, from preschool all the way to achieving a master’s degree, the former being expected and the latter being achieved through dedication, discipline, and diligence in the pursuit of a dream. Higher education eludes a number of people due to various challenges, setbacks, and dead ends. This can be said about the pursuit of any dream, be it personal, professional, or public acclaim.

Dreams come in all sizes, shapes, and selections. Looking for a dream job? Want a dream marriage? Desiring that dream vacation? Holding onto dreams that all mankind can live in peace with social justice, love, and mutual respect?  Many may seem to be out of reach or impossible to achieve. There is always a naysayer waiting to shoot down your dreams. So how do you make dreams a reality?

First and foremost, you must know your dream. Be able to articulate what it is. Paint the picture so others can see your dream. Dare to share your dream in the face of negativity. Hold on to the dream and never, ever let someone steal it from you. And then get busy doing what it takes to make your dream a reality.

Dreams remain dreams and wind up being regrets without action. Dreams can become a reality!  Here are some easy, simple suggestions:

  1. Write down your dream with the date on it. This is the proverbial line in the sand that gives you a starting point from which all else will flow.

  2. Create a visual reminder that you will see daily. Create a vision board with cutouts, text, and images to stimulate your mind.

  3. Take the time to chart out milestones needed to achieve your dream. Put deadlines to each of these in pencil in order to be flexible and ready for change.

  4. Set down the strategy and smaller steps necessary to reach each milestone. This will remove the obstacle of being overwhelmed by the vastness of your dream.

  5. Do one thing every day that connects with your dream. This can be as simple as reading your dream, looking at your vision board, or seeing what is needed for the step you are on.

  6. Allow for learning experiences to create success from mistakes, be flexible for necessary change, and keep courage to move forward.

  7. Keep physically, spiritually, and emotionally healthy. Take time to take care of yourself with meditation, rest, and exercise. Eat right, do something fun, or visit friends and family.

  8. Dare to share your dream with others. Be willing to receive criticism, but do not take heed of the dream slayers. Associate with people who are reaching for their dreams as well.

  9. Celebrate and give yourself rewards for completing steps and achieving milestones. Make the incentives something that will help motivate you during times of challenges or obstacles.

Stuart Wilde says, “Every moment of our life, we either invoke or destroy our dreams.” The choice is up to you. Will you make your dreams a reality? You can and you will by letting your dreams be bigger than your fears, your action louder than your words, and your faith stronger than your feelings.

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