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A Life Coach Living Life

by Cynthia Johnson

When faced with the challenge from our editor of selecting an article from the ones I’ve written over the past four years, I first thought about the articles about the life lessons I’ve gained from my 8-year- old grandson, a real “tell it like I feel it” or “tell it the way I feel life should be” kind of kid.

His lessons include “your socks don’t have to match,” or “so what if my socks are dirty on the bottom, with my shoes on you only see the top and they look clean.” I was tempted to say those were my favorite articles, but as

I read through other articles, I realized that most of them had similar threads woven throughout, all of them pointing to living on and in one’s true life purpose. As a life coach, my desire is to help people discover, navigate into, and live out a quality life. A quote from one of my articles says: “Whether you

believe in ‘predestined’ purpose or not does not mean it doesn’t exist.

It may just mean you will live and die and never be totally satisfied or fulfilled or complete your true assignment. The vast majority of us get caught up doing vs. being. Trying to fulfill our basic human needs engulf us and causes our purpose to get caught up in the ‘cycle of life.’”

Have you discovered your real life purpose? If not, it’s time. Have a great ending to a great year and a greater beginning to a greater new year living on purpose!

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