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Think ‘Bout It: It’s Never too Early to Plan

Hi guys! It’s Jelly, and I’m back to share some good advice and give you something else to think about.

My mom always tells me that I need to start to plan, well, pretty much, my life. LOL, yeah, yeah, I know what you’re thinking: a 6th grader SHOULD NOT already be planning their life!  I agree that when she first started talking all this “study your passions,” as she calls it, and prepare for your future stuff, the bubble in my head was like, “Mom, I’m 10, give me a break!”  Well, actually, as of January 23, I’m 11, and in my maturity (smile), I realize that, yes, yes, we kids should start preparing for our futures as soon as we can.  I mean, look around at all the grown-ups you know who don’t have it together!

So, I say start now!  First, figure out what you love, or at least really, really like.  This is very important, and it might take a while for you to figure this part out, but when you do, you’re on your way.  Then, do little things, whatever you can, to get practice now.  For example, if you like cooking and think you might want to be a chef one day, you can choose a recipe or two, make it, and have people sample it.  But only family members (just letting you know I never said force strangers to eat your food).  Another thing you could do to be real proactive (fancy word I learned in elementary school when they started teaching us about what are supposed to be good habits to help you do well in school, and in life, too, I think) is to look up the best culinary schools (another fancy word I learned from watching those reality cooking shows; a culinary school is a special school just for people who want to be a chef).

Every little thing helps, because when you go to apply for a job, you can go back through your life and have proof that you’re committed to what you want to do.  My mom made what she calls a “Highlights Portfolio” for me and my brother, and every time we participate in something, or receive an award, or achieve something good, she puts it in there.  This might be something you want to do too, because it will help you remember all the cool things you did growing up.  And don’t worry if you haven’t done much yet; it’s not too late.  Start now, and put everything you can in there that makes you look good.  Get a binder or something and some clear sheet protectors, make it look real neat, and keep it in a safe place.

I’m a kid like any other kid. I like to have fun and chillax a lot, too.  But our parents have been here a LONG time (sorry, Mom J), and I guess they do know something.  So, the sooner you start, the better. Try to take action now.  Or, at least just think ‘bout it!

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