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Think’ Bout It

by Majallen Cespedes

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I can feel myself maturing every day, and I am becoming more independent. But, on the other hand it is scary because with maturity comes much more responsibility and very soon the realities of being a real grown-up. Even though I want to grow up and have more freedom, I’m not too much in a rush! I suggest you don’t be either.

Let’s face it- it just all seems like a lot…work, bills, kids to take care of, a home to maintain, marriage, etc., and that might not even know the half of it! I actually think I can wait…what about you?

I think we are better off just planning for our futures now. That’s something else my mom is ALWAYS talking about, and it does kind of make sense. If we can figure out what we want to be, do, and have for our future now…then we can get started now! Starting now gives us a whole lot of time to plan and prepare for the life we want.

So, with that, I want you to think about a few things…

What do you want to be? If you don’t know yet, a good place to start is with whatever things you really love to do, or whatever you are really passionate about. See what career you can make out of those things, it doesn’t always have to be something common either like a doctor, lawyer or teacher.

What can you do now to make sure you have the best future possible? I asked myself the same thing, and here are some ideas…

Be a positive person. The energy that you project sets the tone for the kind of life that you will be living. Making sure that you keep a more positive outlook on life can only bring about a more progressive life.

Choose the right kind of people to surround yourself with. You can either be inspired or bogged down by the people around you.

Try to live a healthier lifestyle. Keeping a better diet and exercising regularly not only will keep you in shape; but it will raise your energy level and keep the stress down.

Start saving money now. Setting aside a small amount of money from each paycheck saves you from stressing about money when you are in a pinch. If it never gets used for those “oops” moments, you can at least have a starter fund for that next vacation.

I don’t have all of the answers and I just wanted to give you something to think about. Its never too late to prepare for your future by changing the present that you live in.

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