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Movie Review: Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter

Possibly the biggest leap of faith in the more recent years of film history, Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter is definitely one for the books. After witnessing a vampire murder his mother at a young age, Abraham Lincoln wanted nothing more than to kill the creatures that were responsible.  After a few lessons in vampire hunting from a bloodsucker itself, the future sixteenth president set off to rid the free world of its undead guests.

Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter is almost just what you’d expect to see when watching a film about a former president doing battle with unholy creatures of the night. The script didn’t seem to be that finely crafted, and the acting didn’t really make up for it either. That being said, I will admit that, other than the vampires, this film did manage to stay somewhat historically accurate. But with a variety of plot holes and a bit of ridiculousness, the story didn’t seem to be all there.  Benjamin Walker’s performance as Honest Abe wasn’t too consistent throughout the movie either. But overall, he still pulled through in the end with a semi-decent job portraying the vampire slaying president.

Visually, this movie has it, and then some. We’d expect nothing less from Tim Burton. The designers definitely did a fine job showing the ghoulish, disturbing side of vampires. But the scenery and the aesthetics are what really made this film any good. Well, that and the stylistically spectacular fight sequences. The CGI was very well done for the film as well, making sure that any computer generated additions worked well with the live action shots. Unfortunately, overall, this film definitely fell short with this viewer, but seeing as it’s impossible to make a sequel from this kind of film, I don’t think we have to fear any other installments. For what it’s worth, Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter managed to claw its way to a 2.5 out of 5 stars.

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