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Monthly JOW: Pure Faith, Pure and Simple

faith saijjah

By Sajjiah Parker

The monthly JOW—Jewel of Wisdom—began as an outlet, a catharsis, of my innermost thoughts, reflections, epiphanies, and eureka moments, per my present/past life experience. My intention was, and remains, to share this inner dialogue and these profound moments of personal revelation and enlightenment with others, who perhaps by my transparency and testimony could be inspired and, in some way—any way—even possibly be transformed.

In like fashion, then, I am compelled to share with you the most profound revelation I have experienced to date. It has been so life changing that at every possible opportunity with which I am presented, I give it to whomever is within my audience.

Okay… so let’s talk about faith. Faith is a word/concept that is generally understood by most; whether you consider yourself highly religious or more of a “spiritual” person, you understand what it means to have faith. Faith, commonly understood as a “firm belief in something for which there is no proof,” is the common thread woven throughout most religious and spiritual doctrine and teachings. In fact, the Bible teaches that faith is necessary if we are to please God, activate His power, and receive the answer to our prayers. But, actually, even if you are not spiritual or religious and have no knowledge or interest in the Bible or other religious texts, Universal Law also supports the power of Belief.

With that said, I think it safe to say that whether you are religious, spiritual, or subscribe to a more metaphysical/scientific explanation for our existence and the meaning of life, one cannot deny the evidence that there is creative power in concentrating thought and energy on believing in that which is unseen and not yet manifest in physical reality. If you doubt this fact—and yes, it is FACT—I invite you to do some research and expand your knowledge base in this area. However, for those of us that do already understand and know this religious/spiritual/universal truth, I now ask: why, then, do our lives not reflect this understanding, this absolute truth?

I have the answer, plain and simple: we lack Pure Faith. Pure Faith is different from just “faith.” Pure Faith is a belief that is SO sound, SO absolute, SO unadulterated, SO pure, and does not/cannot exist in the same space as doubt, worry, fear, uncertainty, and lack. When my thought life and prayer life changed in this regard and I began to embrace the feeling of having and experiencing everything I hoped for, dreamed of, and imagined, as if by some miracle, the most amazing things began to happen immediately in my life. I remember the moment in time when I made a conscience decision to truly embrace the meaning of faith—what it has always truly meant, despite our application of it, or lack thereof. I spoke to my inner being and said “either you believe or you do not, and if you do with all your heart, all your soul, and all your discernment, what, then, is there to question, to fear?  How liberating, how exciting… the anticipation, the knowing of all my hopes, dreams, and desires coming into fruition. I speak truthfully and wholeheartedly when I tell you my life began to transform almost immediately in the most amazing ways. I have never felt happier, more joyous, more content, and more powerful.

As I have stated time and time again in my writings, you are not here, this moment, reading this by accident or coincidence—there is something here for you to take away with you, and, if nothing else, a seed has been planted. If you are so inclined, I invite you to take a moment and dream: imagine everything you desire to be, do, and have, in as vivid detail as possible. See it in your mind’s eye, and smile, and generate the feeling of having and being and doing everything that is in your heart. Then speak it out, say it out loud as if it is already yours. Keep that smile on your face and that knowing in your heart that it is on its way to you, and receive it in that moment. I promise you, it will seek you out and not stop until it makes its way to you!  When it does, please share your experience with me!

I would love to hear from you at sp.upgreatyou(at)

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