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Detroit Restaurant Recommendations

By Jourdan Taylor As the city expands, tons of new businesses are entering Detroit. This means new restaurants, and that’s always good if you are a foodie like me. This article will be about recommended restaurants you must visit in Detroit. So let’s dig in! Number one on the list is Cass Cafe in Midtown. This family-friendly place is always a good hangout for meetings or studying. It’s a cafe with a kind and warm atmosphere, beautiful local art, and great food, with my personal favorite being the Sriracha wings. Second is the Jolly Pumpkin. One word to describe this restaurant is “delicious!” My dad and I go there often for lunch dates. I definitely recommend this place for all the pizza lovers who want good economical food. Next is Supino Pizzeria in Eastern Market. It’s another significant place to try if your taste buds are craving pizza. The cooks are friendly and the pizza is so good that it was featured on the Food Network. Make sure you visit on a day when they’re not busy, as the line sometimes goes all the way out the door! Fourth on the list is a vegan-friendly bakery in Midtown called Avalon International Breads. Their fresh baked goods will have your taste buds pleased and have you coming back for more of their scrumptious treats. I personally recommend the chocolate vegan cake and brownies; they are awesome. Next time you’re in Midtown and want a special treat, stop at Avalon–you will be pleased. Also in Eastern Market is Sala Thai, for all the Thai food lovers or those who want to try something new. A really good dish that I suggest you try is the drunken noodles. Go for medium spice or lower; if you order anything hotter, you definitely feel the burn. A bonus: Wayne State student and employees and DMC employees get a 10% discount. Let that be your next hangout! Number six is the one and only Traffic Jam. I’ve only been to the restaurant once, and the dish I ordered–chicken nachos–was spectacular! Traffic Jam has a fun, relaxed atmosphere and, I’ve heard, quite a bit of history behind it, too! Last but not least is Fishbones in Greektown, the hot spot for all the creole and seafood lovers. It’s a place to chow down on all types of foods, everything from Pasta Orleans to chicken jambalaya to southern-fried catfish. And to add to the fun, when you enter the front door of Fishbones, there’s a big bowl of beads and you can grab a few to wear! Visiting Fishbones is an experience that you will enjoy over and over again. Be sure to visit during Mardi Gras! These are only a handful of the cool restaurants in Detroit; there are plenty more! I hope that you guys enjoyed some of my favorite places to eat. I love sharing places to try and hope you get to try them out too! Until next time, see you!

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