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Accepting the Unacceptable

“Life is never made unbearable by circumstances, but only by lack of meaning and purpose.” ― Viktor E. Frankl

Not long ago, while in a quiet place meditating and pondering a situation (what I was going to do to handle it), the phrase “accept the unacceptable” came from somewhere deep within.  As the words began to rise from that depth, I spontaneously spoke them out loud: “accept the unacceptable.” The words were like a thunder bolt as they exploded from my mouth, instantly bringing awareness to my mind, will, and emotions. I began to realize that stressing over the situation was not the answer.  Instead, I needed to surrender to my own sense of helplessness and inability to change.  Because greater than my need to take matters into my own hands was the thought that I wanted the Divine path for my life. I could force the situation and possibly make some things happen, but would that be in the perfect plan for my designated path at this season of my life?

As I started to identify and release the negative emotions that I had come to embrace, I felt a calm reassurance.  Thinking back over the previous few months dealing with the situation, I realized that frustration, doubt, fear, and unbelief had led to feeling hopeless and becoming disheartened, feelings which had crept in and placed a stranglehold on me.  The more I nurtured and coddled the situation and my new companions the “what if’s,” the stronger those emotions grew and strangled out faith, hope, belief, confidence, and trust.

As I yielded and surrendered, I could see that what I was fighting and pushing against wanted me to relax into it, to accept it as it was so that it could work itself out, because innate in every problem is the solution.  That had to mean that it was one of those life learning lessons that had shown up in a different way.

One thing became clear: if I wanted peace of mind and contentment, I had to embrace and welcome the thought that it was there for a particular purpose and for a designated period of time.  It has been said that each life lesson builds us up and brings greater light and strength for the next lesson.

What did embracing and welcoming it mean?  How could I move from non-acceptance to acceptance? What were the things that had gotten me to the point of sleepless nights and negative feelings and emotions? What were the things that I needed to hold in my subconscious for future reference to jump the next hurdle?  While this was not the first time I had found myself in what seemed to be an impassable situation (and I’m certain it won’t be the last), the flavor of it included other people who I’ve come to realize needed a faith booster too.  It was not just about me.


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