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Majallen Cespedes is 10 years old and in the 6th grade.  She is affectionately called “Jelly” by those who know her best. Jelly is an exceptional reader and has a passion for writing. She is a peer mentor for special-needs students at her school and participates in DAPCEP (Detroit Area Pre-College Engineering Program). She is also a cheerleader for the Vikings and involved in gymnastics. Every month she hopes to bring kids her age something to think about in her column titled “Think ‘Bout It.”


Hey, so here’s the deal: if you’re reading this, your parents or some other well-meaning adult probably made you (sorry about that), but I promise I’ll make it worth your time, or at least give you something to think about.  I’m sure that you all have gone through a stage in your life when you asked yourself, am I good enough? Do I fit in? I don’t know what your answer was, but YES! You always fit in, and you’re more than good enough, because God made you exactly the way he wanted you to be, and last I checked, God doesn’t make mistakes.

Nonetheless, it may still matter to you what other people think about you.  And because you care so much, you might be tempted to do what you see everyone else doing, or even want to be like someone else, because you don’t feel good enough, or are afraid what people might think about what you like.  I’m hoping to convince you that this is not the best approach. For example, there’s a girl in my class, and everybody wants to be like her.  They wear the same kind of clothes, get the same kind of school supplies, say what she says, eat what she eats, laugh when she laughs, etc. Geesh!  It’s kind of ridiculous and sad.  When I first noticed what was going on, my first thought was like, seriously, people! DON’T YOU HAVE ANY SELF-RESPECT?  I mean, how little must you think of yourself, to be a complete copycat?? My mom said that was being kind of harsh, but I’m not one that sugar coats things—guess I can work on that—but I was seriously bothered by the whole thing.

At school, some people don’t like my clothes, or how I wear my hair, or whatever—kids always have something to say—but WHO CARES! If I like it, and I bought it (well, my MOM bought it), then what’s it to you?? I’m not sure how I got this attitude, because I am beginning to notice that a lot of kids my age don’t think the same.

When I go to school, I’m always confident. I hold my head up high no matter what. I’m proud to be me. I love me and I don’t let anything someone says to me change that.  All I’m trying to say is love yourself, be happy you are who you are because you were meant to be!!!  Just think about it!

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